What we provide
other than training
in our facilities.

Breeding Center

We are home to premiere stallions and mares, producing top quality stallions with our unique breeding program from KWPN Dutch Warmbloods, Westphalian, Latvians, Brandenburgers to Falabella miniature horses. With our in-house veterinarians, our horses are sure in great hands! ⁠At APM Equestrian Center, we are equipped with an ultrasound unit, centrifuge, microscope therefore we can collect sperms at any time and conduct artificial insemination. The ultrasound unit is an important piece of equipment for any efficient breeding operation, from pregnancy examination, determining the time of ovulation and even diagnosing reproductive diseases.⁠


Our APM Resort is the perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle of Jakarta. Whether you live in the area and wish for some quiet time away or you are visiting nearby around Tangerang City, you can enjoy some down time at our equestrian facilities or simply wish to relax in one of our wonderful Manado House.


With our beautiful 76.000m2 property surrounded by lush green, it is the perfect place to do a photoshoot! We offer a photo shoot package for pre-wedding shoots, commercial fashion shoots, lifestyle photography. The package includes preparation of horses, instructor or groom to assist with the horses. We have been featured in several TV shows and magazines in the past.

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